Onward, Brothers (Havelock Ellis)

“Onward, Brothers” Sheet Music (pdf).
“Onward, Brothers” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: Havelock Ellis.
Tune: “Ton y Botel” / “Greenville.”

Onward, Brothers, march still onward,
Side by side to carry on.
Though the night be dark and hopeless,
We are coming toward the dawn.
Women, children slave around us:
Hard the toil and grim the strife.
But our souls still sing within us,
Dreaming of a better life.

Olden sages saw it dimly,
And their joy to rapture wrought.
Living men have gazed upon it,
Standing on the hills of thought.
All the past has done and suffered;
All the daring and the strife,
All has helped to mold the future:
Make man master of his life.

Still, strong deeds and brave are needed;
Still, the toil for freedom’s cause.
Let us all join in together:
Fight against the masters’ laws.
Let us strive for love and justice,
Brotherhood: true freedom’s sun.
Let us never yield or falter
Till the victory is won.

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