Men of the Soil (Harold Hatcher, Harold Hildreth, and Gerald Patchen)

“Men of the Soil” Sheet Music (pdf).
“Men of the Soil” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: Harold Hatcher, Harold Hildreth, and Gerald Patchen.
Tune: “The Danish Harvest Song.”

Men of the soil!
We have labored unending;
We have fed the world
Upon the grain that we have grown.
Now, with the star
Of the new day ascending,
Giants of the earth,
At last, we rise to claim our own.
Justice throughout the land;
Happiness as God has planned.
Who is there denies our right
To reap where we have sown?

Men of the soil!
Now, the torch we have lighted
Kindles fires in ev’ry land
Where rings the harvest song!
Shoulder to shoulder
In courage united,
From ev’ry race we come
To join the tillers’ mighty throng.
Earth ne’er shall eat again
Bread gained through blood of men.
We have sworn to right
Forever more the ancient wrong.

Men of the soil!
We are coming in judgment
To tell the world ’til justice rules
There is no liberty.
We, in our strength,
Are a-rising like prophets,
Marching on to show the world
The dawn that is to be.
There’s a lightning in the sky;
There’s a thunder shouting high.
We will never stop until
The sons of men are free.

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