The Hand-Out Route (Hambone-Bill)

“The Hand-Out Route”

Lyrics: Hambone-Bill.
Tune: Unknown.

O judge him not too harshly
As he raps at your back door;
Just because he looks untidy,
You needn’t get so sore.

Mayhap tomorrow your own loved one
Will join the hobo band,
And on some woman’s door-step
Hand-out bumming stand.

For the jobless army grows
As the jobs grow less,
When your turn is coming
Is a thing you cannot guess.

How about your boss—
Is he, too, on the road?
Or is it he who kicks you out
When you rap at his abode?

If you care to change conditions,
If you care to own your job,
Unite and take the workshops!
Cut out your whines and sobs.

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