A Brother of All the World Am I (George Edward Day)

“A Brother of All the World Am I” Sheet Music (pdf).
“A Brother of All the World Am I” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: George Edward Day.
Tune: “Somerset Folk Song.”

A brother of all the world am I,
And over the world I find mine own,
The men who come from the lands that lie
In the bitter belt of the frozen zone;
The men who come from the dreamy south,
From under the glowing sun’s caress,
With swarthy skin and smiling mouth:
All brothers mine in a bond to bless.

Where islands lie in circling green,
Where mountain snows commune with sky,
In the marts of trade or the wastes between,
Brothers all of mine, ye shall not die,
Though drought and hunger may press you sore,
Dire famine threaten and sword pursue,
In the Father’s house there is bread and more;
There’s a heart of love that throbs for you.

O listen! again I hear them call;
High leaps the blood in the prison veins
As I feel the sting of the blows that fall
On my brothers’ bodies that toil in chains.
Arise in the strength that I know ye bear,
Set sail with hope on the yearning sea,
And come to the heritage yours to share,
Of brother with brother and free with free.

I honor the land that gave me birth,
I thrill with joy when the flag’s unfurled,
But the gift she gives of supremest worth
Is the brother’s heart for all the world.
So come, ye sons of the near and far,
Ye Teuton and Latin, ye Slav and Jew,
For brothers beloved of mine ye are,
And blood of my blood in a world made new.

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