The Last Word (G. G. Florine)

“The Last Word”

Lyrics: G. G. Florine.
Tune: Unknown.

There shall come a time like thunder;
There shall dawn a red, red day,
When the worker meets the master,
And the worker comes to say:

I have carried you for ages
On my broad, submissive back;
I have fought in all your battles
With the buzzard on my back.

I have given blood and muscle
To your temple and your throne,
While your greedy eyes have glistened
And at last you asked for bone.

I have built your giant cities;
I have dug your myriad mines,
I have made your mighty engines
And your leagues of railroad lines.

I have toiled in sweat and sorrow
While your priests have whispered “Wait!”
And your politicians howled,
“Let us vote to change the State.”

I have dressed in shabby garments,
I have eaten fearful stuff;
And I simply come to tell you
That I think I’ve had enough.

Yes, enough of sham and flubdub
From your slimy parliaments.
And enough of Hell and Heaven
From your cross-hung innocents.

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