Mister Block Has the Blues (Ernest Riebe)

“Mister Block Has the Blues”

Lyrics: Ernest Riebe.
Tune: Unknown.

They laid me off. Ain’t that a shame?
I worked so hard. I’m not to blame.
I never kicked when pay was small.
I worked and worked and that was all.
One day a Red came up to me
And said: “Look here,” says he,
“It’s wrong for you to work so fast,
You’ll lose your job; it will not last.
When goods pile up in store and bin
The boss will say with pleasant grin:
‘Get out, you Block, and—very well—
If you don’t like it, go to hell.’”
I told the Red: “Don’t talk to me.
To hell with your philosophy.”
My boss, he heard it, and he said:
“I’m awful glad you’re not a Red.
Speed up now, show your loyalty,
Curse all the Reds and stick to me.”
The Reds I cursed, faithful and true—
Now look at me, I’m feeling blue.

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