Take a Stand (Dublin Dan)

“Take a Stand.”

Lyrics: Dublin Dan.
Tune: Unknown.

If with pleasure you are viewing what the longshoremen are doing,
If their action in this strike appeals to you,
Why not openly support them, when they powers that be deport them
And register your kick by striking too.
Why contend yourself by lying to the pickets alibying,
Telling them that you are with us heart and hand.
In the backs these men you’re stabbing and you’re well aware you’re scabbing.
But you haven’t got the guts to take a stand.

Take a hint you broker-mucker, all you would be auto truckers
All you civil service checkers, listen here.
You who’re not paid by the hour, just imagine you have power,
’Cause your check is doled out by the month of year;
P’raps you’re wise and we don’t know it, but your actions do not show it,
And though some of you are gifted with gab,
It’s a cinch you have no brains, and to me the fact remains,
If you’re working on the docks, why, you’re a scab.

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