The Long-Haired Kings (Charles H. Kerr)

“The Long-Haired Kings” Sheet Music (pdf).
“The Long-Haired Kings” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: Charles H. Kerr.
Tune: “The Elephant Now Goes ’Round.”

In the sunny land of France,
A thousand years ago,
There lived a race of warrior kings
Who were very far from slow;
They polished off the natives
In a hundred fights a year,
And the man who went against them found
That he felt exceedingly queer.
Oh, the warrior kings were great
In the field and in the state,
And the radicals ’round
To their sorrow all found
They were too far ahead of their date.

But the last of the warrior kings had to die,
And his son came in to rule,
And he didn’t do a thing but to comb his long hair
And act like a blooming fool.
And his son’s son’s sons kept on that way,
And they didn’t know enough to rob,
Till the rest of the warriors got tired of them
And turned them out of the job.
The people can be stilled
While their dinner pails are filled,
But at last comes a day
When they look the other way
And their loyalty is chilled.

John D. Rockefeller is a smarter man
Than the warrior kings of old:
He takes no chances on the field of battle,
But he rules the land with gold.
He owns all the oil and the steel already
And a great university, too.
And all the little robbers are a-shaking in their shoes
To think what next he’ll do.
And the small exploiter’s dumb
Under Rockefeller’s thumb,
But the Socialists smile
In their sleeves all the while,
For they know what’s next to come.

The time is coming, and it’s not far off,
When the people who do the work
Will run this nation to suit themselves
And not for the people who shirk.
The machinery then will belong to all,
And the land and the railroads, too;
The labor of the people will be for themselves
And not for the profit of a few.
Do you want to see that day?
Here’s the very quickest way:
Cast a Socialist vote
And take off your coat
And get into the fight to stay.

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