Workers of the World, Unite! (Bouck White)

“Workers of the World, Unite!” Sheet Music (pdf).
“Workers of the World, Unite!” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: Bouck White.
Tune: Bouck White.

Let party names no more
The workers’ ranks divide;
By factions, we are wounded sore,
And Labor crucified.

United, we are strong;
When sundered, we are weak;
Together, let us march along,
And mutual concord seek.

The foe is vigilant
To crush us one by one;
’Gainst foolish strife be diligent,
And victory will come.

One flag above us floats;
One cause alone we know;
One thunder shout from myriad throats
Shall bring oppression low.

Strong is the link should tie
Our hearts in comradeship;
Let union mount above the sky,
And sweetest fellowship.

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