The Workers’ Calvary (Bouck White)

“The Workers’ Calvary” Sheet Music (pdf).
“The Workers’ Calvary” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: Bouck White.
Tune: Bouck White.

Beside the cross of Calvary,
Let labor take a stand.
There, Roman wealth, exploiters’ greed,
Stretched forth its murd’rous hand.

They took His life; they shed His blood:
Strong freedom’s Devotee!
And from that cross there issued forth
The stream of liberty.

Upon that cross of murder foul,
I now can clearly see
The Carpenter’s sad, dying form,
The man of Galilee.

And from my smitten heart with tears,
Two wonders I confess:
That Laborer’s uncompromise
And my own cowardice.

The blood-sweat of Gethsemane
Is needed once again
For tyranny is rearing up
To chain and bind and pen.

Then, let us die, if die we must,
To know not gain or loss.
Our coward selves our only shame,
We’ll share that Workman’s cross.

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