The Sons of Toil Are Waking (Bouck White)

“The Sons of Toil Are Waking” Sheet Music (pdf).
“The Songs of Toil Are Waking” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: Bouck White.
Tune: Bouck White.

The sons of toil are waking;
The Commonwealth draws near.
The era old is breaking;
The magnates quake in fear.

Beyond the rolling ocean,
Old lands oppressed sore
Are now in vast commotion.
’Tis Socialism’s war.

See captive toilers bending
Their ear to catch the strain.
And a thousand arms ascending
Assert stern Labor’s claim.

To ballot box we’re pressing
In solid, firm array.
We bring a civic blessing
And change earth’s night to day.

Blest stream of liberation,
From Galilee, thy source,
Flow thou to every nation;
Display thy cleansing force.

Stay not ’til in the lowly
The seed that has been sown
Brings forth a harvest holy,
And toil shall have its own.

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