Sad, Unhappy Age (Bouck White)

“Sad, Unhappy Age” Sheet Music (pdf).
“Sad, Unhappy Age” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: Bouck White.
Tune: “Old Folks at Home.”

Behold a world in conflagration,
Class armed ’gainst class.
Lo, industry in every nation
Comes to sad warfare’s pass.
See the workers trampled daily,
Exploitation’s slaves!
Behold the idlers feasting gaily
O’er proletary graves!

Deep is society’s dissension;
Battles fierce rage.
Instead of peace, behold contention,
Thrice sad, unhappy age.
Life’s become a desolation;
Earth no longer blest.
Fondly we long for liberation,
By mammon now opprest.

Can naught restore the gladness olden?
Is there no hope?
Yes, comes there now a promise golden:
Workers shall learn to vote.
Competition’s reign is ended;
Sore has been its sway.
In Socialism’s message splendid,
Dawns now the long-sought day.

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