God the Avenger (Bouck White)

“God the Avenger” Sheet Music (pdf).
“God the Avenger” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: Bouck White.
Tune: Bouck White.

O, God, avenger of the wrongs,
Which toilers so endure,
To Thee our shouts and battle songs
Shall rise, Lord of the poor!

Thy hands have felt the feel of tools;
Thy palms have pierced been,
O, Carpenter that overrules
The greed of tyrant men.

In Labor’s cause, Thy blood was shed;
Golgotha did Thee shame;
By Thee the workers now are led;
We’ll conquer in Thy name.

Arise, strong Lord of all the just
For tyranny is nigh;
Oppression tramples us to dust;
O, haste Thee lest we die!

Thy name in all the ages past
Has spurred the slave to rise:
His shelter in the battle blast,
His leader from the skies.

Thou, Lord, are on the toilers’ side;
The idler Thou dost hate;
With Thee we’ll wade the bloody tide,
Strong armed for every fate.

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