Behold the Comrades Gath’ring (Bouck White)

“Behold the Comrades Gath’ring” Sheet Music (pdf).
“Behold the Comrades Gath’ring” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: Bouck White.
Tune: Bouck White.

Behold the comrades gath’ring
’Neath God’s o’er-watching eye;
A myriad host assembling now;
Their standards gleaming high.

Class war will not be finished
Till liberty we win.
Fling open wide the ballot booth
And let the workers in.

Slums then shall all be banished,
Those sad old sins of yore;
Diseases, hovel-bred, shall yield
When mammon is no more.

Then eyes with joy shall sparkle
That brimmed with tears of late.
Orphans no longer shelterless;
Nor widows desolate.

What rush of comrade greetings
Fills all the earth and sky.
The disinherited awake
And bring the triumph nigh.

O, Fellowship eternal
For which mankind was made!
Our age-long proletary woes
A hundredfold repaid.

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