When You Ask for Relief (Arthur Weinberg)

“When You Ask for Relief”

Lyrics: Arthur Weinberg.
Tune: Unknown.

What’s your name?
  (You dirty bum)
Where do you live?
  (Humph, a slum)
Where were you born?
  (Damn you, why?)
How’s your health?
  (Why don’t you die?)
A citizen?
  (Or bloody Red?)
  (Vote right, or be unfed!)
  (To sponge upon?)
Any income?
  (Still withdrawn?)
What’s your age?
  (You frowsy shirk)
Are you married?
  (Can’t she work?)
Any children?
  (Must be lewd)
Names and ages?
  (Messy brood)
Rent or own?
  (Not homeless yet?)
Landlord’s name?
  (Get’s stung, I bet)
Any debts?
  (You spendthrift cad)
Do you drink?
  (Don’t look so mad)
Sign your name
  (And darn you, smile)
We’ll put your name upon the file.
  (And maybe from our golden stores,
  We’ll give you part of what is yours)

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