I Love My Flag (Anonymous)

“I Love My Flag” Sheet Music (pdf).
“I Love My Flag” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: Anonymous.
Tune: “America, the Beautiful.”

I love my flag—I do, I do—
Which floats upon the breeze.
I also love my arms and legs,
And neck, and nose, and knees.
One little shell might spoil them all
Or give them such a twist
They would be of no use to me:
I guess I won’t enlist.

I love my country; yes, I do.
I hope her folks do well.
Without our arms and legs and things,
I think we’d look like hell.
Young folks with faces half shot off
Are unfit to be kissed.
I’ve read in books it spoils their looks.
I guess I won’t enlist.

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