Fifty Thousand Lumberjacks Goin’ Out to Work (Anonymous)

“Fifty Thousand Lumberjacks” Sheet Music (pdf).
“Fifty Thousand Lumberjacks” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: Anonymous.
Tune: “The Son of a Gambolier.”

Fifty thousand lumberjacks
Goin’ out to work;
Fifty thousand honest men
That never loaf or shirk;
Fifty thousand lumberjacks,
They sweat and swear and strain,
Get nothin’ but a cussin’
From the pushes and the brains.

Fifty thousand lumberjacks
Goin’ in to eat;
Fifty thousand plates of slum
Made from tainted meat;
Fifty thousand lumberjacks
All settin’ up a yell
To kill the bellyrobbers
An’ damn their souls to hell.

Fifty thousand lumberjacks
Sleepin’ in pole bunks;
Fifty thousand odors
From dirty socks to skunks;
Fifty thousand lumberjacks
Who snore and moan and groan
While fifty million graybacks
Are pickin’ at their bones.

Fifty thousand lumberjacks,
Fifty thousand packs,
Fifty thousand dirty rolls
Upon their dirty backs,
Fifty thousand lumberjacks
Strike and strike like men.
For fifty years, we packed our rolls
But never will again.

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