The Tinker in the Lum (Alistair Hulett)

“The Tinker in the Lum” Sheet Music (pdf).
“The Tinker in the Lum” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Performer: Alistair Hulett.
Lyrics: Traditional.
Tune: Traditional.

I’ll sing ye a sang that will please ye right weel
Concerning a lassie in Glasgae did dwell.
Twa lovers she had, and she’d often confessed:
She couldnae tell which o’ them she loved the best.
Diddy dum, dum, hi diddy do noo!

One was a tinker, a stout roving blade;
The other by fishing did earn his bread.
Jock was the first that did marriage propose,
So he and the tinker, they did become foes.
Diddy dum dum hi diddy do noo!

Now Jock and his belle off tae Ru’glen did gae,
And there they got married, I’d ha’e ye to know.
The tinker, he watched her by night and by day;
He paid her a visit when Jock was away.
Diddy dum dum hi diddy do noo!

And when he tae the fisherman’s hoose did repair,
She made him richt welcome as soon’s he got there.
She said, “Jock is away, sae gae fetch us a dram;
We’ll mak’ oorselves happy this nicht if we can.”
Diddy dum dum hi diddy do noo!

And with gentle persuasion, he gained her consent:
The tinker and her aff together they went.
And tae a fine room, where some hours they did pass
In sweet conversation and drinkin’ their glass.
Diddy dum dum hi diddy do noo!

But at midnight, a rappin’ there came tae the door.
Said she, “Yon’s the rap o’ my husband, I’m sure.
Whit will we dae this night if he’s hame?
The best thing I know is tae hide in the lum.”
Diddy dum dum hi diddy do noo!

Now Will in the lum, richt fast did he stick.
He thought tae himsel’ she was playin’ him a trick.
Belle gaed tae the door, and she let her Jock in.
Said she, “My dear man, ye are soaked tae the skin.
Diddy dum dum hi diddy do noo!

Jock kindled the fire. Noo this is the joke.
Will in the lum was near stifled with smoke.
Doon he cam tumblin’, gied a wild roar,
And Jock in a fright, he fell flat on the floor.
Diddy dum dum hi diddy do noo!

Will took tae his heels and away he did run,
Sick wi’ the smoke he had got in the lum.
When Jock cam’ tae in the hoose, he did reel,
Sayin’ “Oh, my dear wife, I’ve just met the de’il.”
Diddy dum dum hi diddy do noo!

Jock and his wife and love do agree.
Will never cam’ back, his auld sweetheart tae see.
Jock never grumbles when hame he does come
For fear of the devil that came doon the lum.
Diddy dum dum hi diddy do noo!

Diddy dum dum hi diddy do!

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