Farewell to Whisky (Alistair Hulett)

“Farewell to Whisky” Sheet Music (pdf).
“Farewell to Whisky” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Performer: Alistair Hulett.
Lyrics: Traditional.
Tune: Traditional.

“Johnny, my man, dae ye no think o’ risin’
For the day is weel spent and the night’s comin’ on.
And yer siller, it’s a’ deen and yer stoupes lie before ye.
O, so rise, my man Johnny, aye, and come awa’ hame.”

“What’s that I hear, speakin’ sic kindly?
I ken it’s the voice o’ my ain wifie Jean.
O, come here, my dear lassie, and sit doon beside me
For there’s room in this tavern for mair forbys me.”

“O but, Johnny, my man, yer bairns are a’ greetin’.
Nae meal in the barrel tae fill their wee wymes.
While ye’re sat here drinkin’ they’re cryin’ and lamenting.
O, so rise, my man Johnny, O, and come awa’ hame.”

“Jean, dae ye no mind the time that we courted
On a bed of primroses, we baith did sit doon.
Pickin’ at the flowers, content in our comp’ny,
O, ye ne’re thought it lang, love, nor not sought tae go hame.”

She cried, “Weel dae I mind the time that ye mention,
O, but that time, it is past, love, and will ne’re come again.
O, but think on the present and try tae amend it.
O, so rise, my man Johnny, O, and come awa’ hame.”

Johnny rose up, and he threw the door open, sayin’,
“A curse on the tavern that first let me in.
And a curse on the whisky that makes me sae drouthy.
O, so fare ye well, whisky, O, for I’m awa’ hame.”

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