ILGWU Card of Anna Mae GetzDr. John Levan Bernhart, Ph.D. is a working class Pennsylvania Dutchman. John's grandmother, Anna Mae Getz, was a member of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union.




Dr. John Howard Levan Bernhart, PhD and Alistair HulettJohn's father (Dr. John Howard Levan Bernhart, Ph.D.) is a trained musician; John is a trained historian. While John can play the saxophone, clarinet, and oboe, he has no experience with keyboards, guitars, drums, or the bass clef. You might be asking yourself why an amateur musician has created this website. The answer is simple. The music you will find here is available nowhere else on the web, and John believes, like John Neuhaus believed before him, that these songs need to be sung. They are not simply historical relics. For example, "The Ninety and Nine" could easily be the anthem of the Occupy Movement and "A Song for 1910" could easily be renamed "A Song for 2010."




Utah-Alistair Zheng BernhartJohn has endeavored to the best of his limited abilities to create this website not as an archive but as a resource for living musicians. Music is a shared social experience. Music can inspire class war. Music can improve morale as we fight. If you have any sheet music to contribute, please contact us.