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An Anonymous Worker

[No Tune]

Dying as soldiers fighting for Labor, so did you fall,
An off’ring of your love for those who share the strife.
Gladly, you gave us talent and treasure, yielding your all,
The honor of the world, your freedom, and your life.
Deeply, you suffered nor shrunk from the grave.
Judges and hangmen, the fate of the fray.
Starved in dark dungeons, beaten and tortured, cheerful and brave,
Defying chains and jails, you marched upon your way.

Mad with their blood-lust, rich from our labor, exploiters dwell
In luxury and splendor, scornful of our power.
Sweeping to triumph, trusting no promise, Heaven or Hell,
This song of sorrow sounds to them their fatal hour.
Rise now we workers rebellious and bold.
Tyrants no longer shall rule from above.
We are the builders. No one shall suffer hunger and cold.
We bring a world of beauty, liberty, and love.

Farewell, true comrades, death now enfolds you. Rest in the tomb
As sleeping there in peace you know no more of pain.
Farewell, true comrades, we will remember you and your doom,
And Labor soon will prove that none have died in vain.
Farewell, true comrades, we rise to the fight
O’er-sweeping all ‘neath the banner ye bore.
Slavery and sorrow vanish before us. Toilers unite
To break your bonds and rule the world forevermore.

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