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James Joynes

"What Ho! My Lads" (karaoke)

"What Ho! My Lads" (sheet music)

What ho! my lads, the time is ripe;

Away with foolish fear!

The slave may dread his master's stripe;

We'll have no tyrants here!

We'll have no tyrants here, my boys,

Nor lords to rule the roast.

Their threats are nought but empty noise,

And nought but breath their boast.


Nor slaves nor kings in all our ranks

Shall ever more be found;

Elsewhere the knaves may play their pranks,

But this is holy ground.

But this is holy ground, my friends,

Where Freedom's cause is won,

Where kings and priests shall make amends

For all the wrong they've done.


In our Republic, all shall share

The right to work and play,

The right to scoff at carking care

And drive despair away.

Drive poverty away, my mates,

With struggle, strain, and strife.

What use are Parliaments and States

Without a happy life?


When Hunger holds a harmless rod

And all lands laugh for glee

And none need fear a master's nod

And all are really free,

When all, indeed, are free, my hearts,

And our great Cause is won,

Oh, then, when Poverty departs,

Will all our work be done.

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