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An Anonymous Worker

"We Ain't Down Yet" (karaoke)

"We Ain't Down Yet" (sheet music)

Oh, the mule’s gone lame and the hen’s won’t lay;

Corn’s way down; wheat don’t pay;

Hog’s no better; steer’s too cheap;

Cows quit milking and the meat won’t keep;

Oats all heated; spuds all froze;

Grape crop’s busted; wind still blows.

Looks some gloomy, I’ll admit,

But git up, Dobbin, we ain’t down yet.


Oh, the coal’s too high and the crop’s too low;

Freight rate’s doubled; got no show;

Money’s tighter; morals loose.

Bound to get us: what’s the use?

Sun’s not shining like it should;

Moon ain’t beaming like it could.

No use stopping to debate:

Git up, Dobbin, we ain’t down yet.


Oh, the wheels all wobble; the axle’s bent;

Dashboard’s broken; top’s all rent;

One shaft splintered; t’other sags;

Seat’s all busted and the end gate lags.

May hang together; believe it will.

Careful driving; make it still.

Road’s smoothed out ‘til it won’t seem true.

Join the Union; we’ll all pull through.

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