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Walter Seacrist was a preacher-miner in West Virginia, union balladeer, and leader of the Unemployed League that struck against the Civil Works Administration in 1934.

"Walter Seacrist was active “in West Virginia in the summer of ’32 or ’33 during the revolt of the West Virginia miners against John L. Lewis. The union had refused to accept the terms of the contract that Lewis had signed for them and carried on their strike without official sanction or support. They were all evicted and lived in tent colonies for about one and a half years.” Walter Seacrist “was a handsome preacher-miner. Seacrist was more or less the official balladeer of the union.” His songs “were universally sung by the evicted miners.”

—Agnes Douty

(a provider of recreational programs for the children of the striking miners)

West Virginia Hills


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