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Thomas Phillips Thompson (1843—1933) was an English-born journalist and humorist active in the early socialist movement in Canada.

"'The Labor question,' as it is called for want of a better name, is simply the question as to whether America shall in the future be a free democratic land, with equal rights and opportunities, as far as may be, for every citizen—or a country where the many are ruled, as in Europe, by the privileged few. It is no new question, but a new phase of a very old one. The rights of Labor are the rights of Man."—Thomas Phillips Thompson, The Politics of Labor (1887)

The Bitter Cry
The Call to Action
The Factory Slave
The Grand Labor Cause
In the Reign of Justice
Labor's Harvest Home
Long, Long Ago
March! March! March!
Marching to Freedom
The Men of Auld Lang Syne
One More Battle to Fight
The Pennsylvania Miner
The Power of Thought
Rally to the Polls
Rouse and Rally
Spread the Light
Stand for the Right
Thirty Cents a Day!
Union All Along the Line
When Labor Has Come to Its Own


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