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Bouck White

"The Workers' Song Is Swelling" (karaoke)

"The Workers' Song Is Swelling" (sheet music)

Hark, fainting soul!

The workers' song is swelling

O'er countryside

And city's mighty roar.

How grand the message

Those loud strains are telling

Of that new world

When tyranny is o'er!


Lo, on the air,

Beyond the farthest ocean,

The voice of toilers

Comes o'er land and sea.

A hundred peoples

Now in glad commotion

Turn eager steps,

O Fellowship, to thee.


Onward we go;

Yes, onward go with singing.

Come, prisoners,

This is your ransom year.

Hark, through the night,

The music grandly ringing

Tells that the worker

Hosts are gath'ring near.


Voices, sing on!

Let trumpets peel unsleeping.

Proclaim the end

Of Mammon's hateful sway

Till freedom's joy

Shall end sad Labor's weeping

And slums and sweatshops

Pass from earth away.

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