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Bouck White

"The Middle Class" (karaoke)

"The Middle Class" (sheet music)

Give, O middle class, attention:

In raiment clean, you're clad,

And you look with condescension

On worker garments sad.

You think to climb on high

To the master class so grand,

But your doom is drawing nigh:

They will crush you 'neath their hand.


There's a struggle hourly growing;

The lines become distinct

For 'tis self-respect we're sowing

Lest manhood be extinct.

'Tis a fight all o'er the world

Twixt the idler and the slave,

And God's mandate now is hurled,

"Will you be a man or knave?"


O, neutrality is folly;

Two horses you'll not ride.

Poverty's dull melancholy

Is crouching at your side.

Brain-workers all now hear:

You are toilers, and you're poor.

Come with us, a volunteer,

For our victory is sure.

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