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Bouck White

"The Gathering Storm" (karaoke)

"The Gathering Storm" (sheet music)

From pole to pole, the rumors run;

In every land beneath the sun,

The worker hosts at last awake;

Vile slavishness they now forsake.


From China, Asia through and through,

Old Egypt's sands and Europe, too,

Isles of the sea and tropic shore,

Echo a strain ne'er heard before.


From North to South, from East to West,

Arise the toilers long oppressed.

Electric is the very air;

A storm is near; tyrants beware.


Deep clouds of wrath accumulate,

And thunders mutter at the gate.

The storm-scud speeds across the sky,

Betokening a tempest nigh.


Lo, 'tis our God; He's drawing near.

Usurpers now do quake with fear.

Our Leader rides upon the storm;

He doth make bare a strong, right arm.


O, tremble now oppressors all.

The workers hear high heaven's call.

Undaunted in His name we stand

To free the slaves in every land.

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