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Bouck White

"The Commonwealth Is Coming" (karaoke)

"The Commonwealth Is Coming" (sheet music)

The Commonwealth is coming.

Now in life's morning hours,

Be to a parched landscape,

Glad refreshing showers.


Waken the country roadside,

Waken the city slum,

The toilers' vict'ry cometh;

Ho, the foemen run!


The Commonwealth is coming;

Ye in life's sunny noon,

Spread tireless propaganda,

Rest comes sure and soon.


Convert your hardened benchmate,

Speak to the passersby;

The Commonwealth is coming,

Liberty is nigh.


The Commonwealth is coming;

Under the sunset skies,

Now mammon's day is closing,

Swift its daylight flies.


Work till the last beam fadeth;

Comes with the dusk no fear;

Know, when the night is darkest,

Dawn is drawing near.

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