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William Wolff

"Ten Little Sweatshops" (karaoke)

"Ten Little Sweatshops" (sheet music)

Ten little sweatshops the bosses thought were fine;

The union organized one; then there were nine!


Nine little sweatshops working very late;

Another bunch of workers struck; then there were eight!


Eight little sweatshops stinking to high heaven;

The sanitary code got one; then there were seven!


Seven little sweatshops, you should have heard the kicks

The workers made about their pay; then there were six!


Six little sweatshops, the union made a drive

And picketed another; then there were five!


Five little sweatshops rotten to the core;

Another signed up with the union; then there were four!


Four little sweatshops, they’re going fast, you see;

One sold out to another; then there were only three!


Three little sweatshops, the workers vowed to sue

For back wages due to them; then there were two!


Two little sweatshops, another battle won

By union solidarity; then there was one!


One lonely sweatshop, our tale is almost done;

All of them were organized; now there are none!

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