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Matt Valentine Huhta or T-Bone Slim ( -1942) was an IWW poet and songwriter.

"Matt Valentine Huhta, better known as T-Bone Slim, is, with the exception of Joe Hill and possibly Ralph Chaplin, the IWW's best-known song-writer and poet laureate: a fixture in the union and its publications for over twenty years. His impact on the culture of the IWW and in the intellectual life of that union's rank and file was as significant as virtually any Fellow Worker...."

—Mark Damron, "T-Bone Slim: A Brief Biography of Matt Valentine Huhta"

The Big Question
Czar of All Czars
Gesundheit, Mister Wob
I Want to Free Miss Liberty
I Wear a Pitchfork
I'm Too Old to Be a Scab
The Lumberjack's Prayer
The Mysteries of a Hobo's Life
The Popular Wobbly
A Worker's Plea

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