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Bouck White

"Song of All Nations" (karaoke)

"Song of All Nations" (sheet music)

One flag for all the earth,

Emblem of Labor's worth,

To us is giv'n;

Color of heart's blood red,

Flag of the noble dead,

Who the steep pathway tread

On to earth's heav'n.


Workers both far and near,

Strong ones of forehead clear,

Of you we sing;

Patriots in foolish pride

Sunder the peoples wide,

But we will ne'er divide;

Union we bring.


Our host, a mighty band,

Gathers from every land,

From East and West;

Peoples of dusky hue,

Peoples of morning dew,

Peoples both old and new,

In us are blest.


Freedom, our battle shout,

Comrades of courage stout,

Trusted and tried!

Holy our cause and just;

Tyranny's sword is rust;

Triumph we will and must:

God on our side!

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