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Samuel Johnson (1822-1882) formed a Free Church in Lynn, Massachusetts.

"In 1853, Johnson established the Free Church of Lynn (Massachusetts), which focused on free and independent thought, and was described by the founder himself as being an 'independent religious society'. Johnson remained a minister of the Free Church until June 26, 1870, when he retired to concentrate on his writing and publications. Johnson wrote many poems, hymns, essays and sermons which addressed topics that ranged from his beliefs in religion, spirituality and reform, to women's suffrage and the anti-slavery movement; a cause that he actively advocated. Johnson also wrote many books, such as Book of Hymns in 1846, and Hymns of the Spirit, 1864, with colleague Samuel Longfellow and a three volume series Oriental Religions and Their Relation to Universal Religion: India (1872), China (1877), and Persia (1885), which illustrated his interests in eastern spirituality and philosophy."

—Phillips Library Digital Collections


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