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Samuel Aaron DeWitt (1891-1963) was a socialist businessman, playwright, poet, and politician.

"Samuel Aaron DeWitt (1891-1963) was a socialist politician and writer. In 1919, he was elected to represent the Bronx in the New York Legislature. In January 1920, he and four other newly elected legislators were famously refused their seats due to their Socialist Party affiliation. DeWitt ran for office many more times, but was never elected again. He was very involved in leftist magazine publishing, both editing and appearing in socialist publications over the course of his career. He was for many years good friends with Upton Sinclair, himself famous for his early muckraking journalism and longtime Socialist agitation. DeWitt was a poet and published many books over the course of his lifetime. Frank Shay published his Iron Monger: A Book of Poems, from the bookshop in 1921. Several of his later books were published by the Parnassus Press, founded by Lew Ney."

The Greenwich Village Bookshop Door: A Portal to Bohemia, 1920-1925

(Harry Ransom Center at The University of Texas at Austin)


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