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Richard Brazier (1883?-1973?) was a Canadian miner who served on the editorial committee for the first IWW songbook.

"The Little Red Songbook will be a distinctive creation of the IWW.... It will serve to make the IWW known and to propagate its ideas and principles. Thus it will be a great propaganda medium. It is a new idea, one necessary to destroy the old myths that have enslaved us for so long. We want to rend the curtain of falsehoods that stand between the workers and truth. We think our songbook will help us in that task. We shall run the gamut of emotions in our songs.... We will have songs of anger and protest, songs which shall call to judgment our oppressors and the Profit System they have devised. Songs of battles won (but never any songs of despair), songs that hold up flaunted wealth and thread-bare morality to scorn, songs that lampoon our masters and the parasitic vermin, such as the employment-sharks and their kind, who bedevil the workers. These songs will deal with every aspect of the workers' lives. They will bring hope to them, and courage to wage the good fight. They will be songs sowing the seeds of discontent and rebellion. We want our songs to stir the workers into action, to awaken them from an apathy and complacency that has made them accept their servitude as though it had been divinely ordained. We are sure that the power of song will exalt the spirit of Rebellion, and we want that new and better songbook."

—Richard Brazier, The Story of the IWW's "Little Red Songbook" (1968)

"The Child Slaves"
"Come and Get Wise"
"Come, Join the One Big Union, Do"
"A Dream"
"The Eight-Hour Song"
"Farewell, Joe"
"Gone Are the Days"
"Good-bye Dollars, I Must Leave You"
"Hey, Polly"
"If You Workers Would Only Unite"
"I'll Remember You"
"It Is the Union"
The Little Red Songbook
"The Long, Long Fight"
"Making the Camps Like Home"
"The Master Class Are Feeling Fine"
"Meet Me in the Jungles, Louie"
"The Suckers Sadly Gather"
"That Old Red Button"
"They Are All Fighters"
"We Will Unite"
"When You Wear That Button"
"The Workers of the World Are Now Awaking"
"The Workers, So They Say"
"Working Folk, Do You Hear?"

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