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Donna Schwarzrock

"One Happy Swede" (karaoke)

"One Happy Swede" (sheet music)

Aye ban a farmer in Minnesota,

Ban here mostly all my life,

Got myself some fine contraptions,

Mostly to please my purty wife.


The REA she’s sure ban helpful,

Made our job here one big fun.

All we do is press the buttons,

Then our work, by gosh, she’s done.


Got some milkers, sure are tricky,

To my cows I put them on.

Turn around and pet the calves,

And then, by gol, my milkin’s done.


Does my missus carry corn cobs,

Chop her wood and get all in?

I should say not, and why should she

With her ‘lectric stove, by gin.


Now that woman doesn’t nag me

For the water to go and get.

All she does is turn the faucet

And the whole durned place gets wet.


When she turns the ‘lectric bulbs on

For the neighbors all to see,

Then I tell you this old farmstead

Shines just like a Christmas tree.


All I need to make me happy

Is that thing they call TV;

With the money “our line” saves me

I can get one soon, by gee.


Now this REA is something;

With it you just can’t go wrong,

But I tell you, and I mean it,

This ole Swede helped things along.

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