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El Gato Rojo's "The Bosses Will in Slavery Hold You"

E. S. Nelson was a Swedish American Wobbly.

Ed Jorda may have been an African American Wobbly.

Edith Nesbit (1858-1924) was an English author, poet, socialist, and co-founder of the Fabian Society.

No biographical information on El Gato Rojo (the Red Cat) available.

Elmer Rumbaugh and Ralph Chaplin's "Paint 'Er Red"

Elmer Rumbaugh was a coal miner from West Virginia.

John Brill's "Dump the Bosses off Your Back"

No biographical information on John Brill available.

Dublin Dan's "The Portland Revolution"

Dublin Dan's "Dan McGann"

James Ferriter's "Organize"

James Ferriter's "In Memory"

John Kendrick's "The Optimistic Laborites"

John Kendrick's "Christians at War"

Herbert Tulin's "There's a Bright Way to Freedom"

Herbert Tulin's "The Call"

Joe Foley's "Whadda Ya Want to Break Your Back for the Boss For?"

Joe Foley's "Are You a Wobbly?"

Daniel 'Dublin Dan' Liston (1881-?) was an Irish American IWW poet.

Herbert Tulin (1890-1969), a Swedish American IWW poet, was a janitor in Seattle.

James J. Ferriter was an Irish American IWW poet.

No biographical information on Joe Foley available, although it is known that Foley was an unemployed worker who attempted to organize the unemployed of Seattle in 1914.

John F. Kendrick was from Chicago, but he was not a member of the IWW; he may have been 'a research worker in biology.'

Charles Scurlock's "John D.'s Soliloquy"

Charles Robinson's "Labor's Dixie"

Charles Kerr's "The Marseillaise"

Charles Kerr's "The Internationale"

Charles James's "The Battle Hymn of the Workers"

Cliff Hughes's "The Jobites' Lament"

Covington Hall's "Might Is Right"

Charles Ashleigh's "Everett, November Fifth"

Covington Hall's "The Battle Hymn of Toil"

Carlos Cortez's "Outa Work Blues"

Covington Hall (b. 1871) was an IWW writer and organizer.

Cliff Hughes may have been an African American Wobbly.

Charles Scurlock was a member of the General Executive Board of the IWW.

No biographical information on Charles M. Robinson available.

No biographical information on Charles James available.

Charles H. Kerr (1860-1944) was an American publisher of anarchist, socialist, and IWW texts.

Charles Ashleigh (1888-1974) was an English writer and radical.

Carlos Cortez (1923-2005) was an American poet and graphic artist.

An Anonymous Worker's "Working Folk, Come Organize"

An Anonymous Worker's "Workers' Memorial Song"

An Anonymous Worker's "The Woman's Fight"

An Anonymous Worker's "Wesley Everest"

An Anonymous Worker's "We're Ready"

An Anonymous Worker's "Welfare Song"

An Anonymous Worker's "We Have Fed You All for a Thousand Years"

An Anonymous Worker's "We Come"

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