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George Edward Day's "A Brother of All the World Am I"

S.H. Foster's "The End of Big Bill Snyder"

The Irish Cowboy's "Roll the Hours Back"

No biographical information on George Edward Day available.

No biographical information on S.H. Foster available.

No biographical information on The Irish Cowboy available.

An Anonymous Worker's "Nine to Five"

An Anonymous Worker's "The Pullman Strike"

An Anonymous Worker's "Swingin' on a Scab"

An Anonymous Worker's "The Workingmen's Army"

John Greenleaf Whittier's "O Brother Man"

An Anonymous Worker's "AIM National Anthem"

James Connolly's "Freedom's Sun"

James Connolly's "Lift the Flag"

James Connolly's "Human Freedom"

James Connolly's "A Love Song"

James Connolly's "Freedom's Pioneers"

James Connolly's "Hymn to Freedom"

James Connolly's "For Labor's Rights"

James Connolly's "When Labor Calls"

An Anonymous Worker's "The Rights of Man"

An Anonymous Worker's "Standard of Freedom"

An Anonymous Worker's "Drinking and Thinking"

Michael Joseph Barry's "Bide Your Time"

Michael Joseph Barry (1817-1889) was an Irish nationalist writer prominent in the Young Irelander Rebellion of 1848.

John Leslie's "A Socialist War Song"

John Leslie's "The Symbol"

John Leslie's "Freedom of Labor"

John Leslie (1856-1921) was an Irish socialist, born in Edinburgh, who created the Scottish Socialist Federation and built up the Independent Labor Party in Scotland.

Utah Phillips's "Kids' Liberation Song"

Julie McCall's "We're Gonna Get a Union at Avondale"

Julie McCall's "Foul Ball"

Julie McCall's "Punch It In Is All We Do"

Julie McCall's "My Union"

Julie McCall's "Lean on the Union"

Julie McCall's "My Union Stands by Me"

Julie McCall's "Your Nursing Heart"

Julie McCall's "I'm Dreaming of a Fair Contract"

Julie McCall's "Rudolph, the Union Reindeer"

Julie McCall (born circa 1946) is an American union activist and writer of folk and pop song parodies.

Creech and Hull's "The Socialists Are Coming"

Chumbawamba's "Add Me"

Paul Robeson's "Fengyang"

Paul Robeson's "Were You There"

Paul Robeson's "Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho"

Paul Robeson's "All Through the Night"

Abel Meeropol's "Strange Fruit"

Alfred Bryan and Al Piantadosi's "I Didn't Raise My Boy to Be a Soldier"

Alfred Hayes and Earl Robinson's "Ludlow Massacre"

Bob Connelly's "Yankee, Go Home!"

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