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Herbert N. Casson (1869-1951) was a Canadian socialist writer.

Edward Carpenter (1844-1929) was an English socialist poet, philosopher, anthologist, and early LGBT activist.

Herbert Burrows (1845-1922) was a British socialist.

William Morris's "The Voice of Toil"

William Morris's "No Master"

William Morris's "Come, Comrades, Come"

Charles Kerr's "Your Work, My Work"

Charles Kerr's "Marching Song"

Charles Kerr's "The Long-Haired Kings"

Charles Kerr's "Breaking Chains"

Harold Rome's "Back to Work"

Harold Rome's "Chain Store Daisy"

Harold Rome's "Doing the Reactionary"

Harold Rome's "Four Little Angels of Peace"

Harold Rome's "It's Better with a Union Man"

Harold Rome's "I've Got the Nerve to Be in Love"

Harold Rome's "Nobody Makes a Pass at Me"

Harold Rome's "Not Cricket to Picket"

Harold Rome's "One Big Union for Two"

Harold Rome's "Room for One"

Harold Rome's "Sing Me a Song with Social Significance"

Harold Rome's "Sitting on Your Status Quo"

Harold Rome's "Sunday in the Park"

Harold Rome's "What Good Is Love?"

Harold Rome's "When I Grow Up"

Harold Rome's "We Sing America"

Harold Rome's "Mene, Mene, Tekel"

Harold Rome (1908-1993) was an American composer, lyricist, and writer for musical theater.

Bouck White's "Are Labor's Sorrows Ne'er to Cease?"

Bouck White's "Ballots Are a Weapon Mighty"

Bouck White's "Behold the Comrades Gath'ring"

Bouck White's "Child-Workers, Wan and Weary"

Bouck White's "Church in Sad Captivity"

Bouck White's "Comes the Moment to Decide"

Bouck White's "The Commonwealth Is Coming"

Bouck White's "Crusaders' Hymn"

Bouck White's "Decision"

Bouck White's "Dirge to Our Martyred Dead"

Bouck White's "Earth Liberated Forever"

Bouck White's "Farewell, Competition"

Bouck White's "Futurity"

Bouck White's "The Gathering Storm"

Bouck White's "Glad Refreshing River"

Bouck White's "God, the Avenger"

Bouck White's "The Good News Pouring In"

Bouck White's "The Handwriting on the Wall"

Bouck White's "He Stained Our Banner Red"

Bouck White's "A Hymn to the Outcast"

Bouck White's "A Hymn to Womanhood"

Bouck White's "It's Coming Here Tomorrow"

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