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The Denver Housemaids' Union was organized by Jane Street in 1916.

No biographical information on Leo Smith available.

Nels Peterson was a member of the Marine Transport Workers Industrial Union 510 of the Industrial Workers of the World, Card No. #297-036.

Bill Casey (d. 1949) was an Australian socialist and Secretary of the Seamen's Union in Brisbane.

Leon Rosselson (1934 - ) is an English singer/songwriter.

T-Bone Slim's "I Wear a Pitchfork"

T-Bone Slim's "Mileage"

Shorty's "The Kitten in the Wheat"

Richard Brazier's "The Little Red Songbook"

Dublin Dan's "Take a Stand"

Charles Ashleigh's "It's a Long Way Down to the Breadline"

Bertram Lester Weber's "Ten Little Craft Unions"

An Anonymous Worker's "National Anathema"

An Anonymous Worker's "Hold the Line"

An Anonymous Worker's "The Dehorn Song"

An Anonymous Worker's "Big Joe"

Utah Phillips's "Yellow Ribbon"

Utah Phillips's "Wabash Cannonball"

Utah Phillips's "This Land Is Not Our Land"

Utah Phillips's "The Telling Takes Me Home"

Utah Phillips's "Funeral Train / Scofield Mine Disaster"

Utah Phillips's "Railroading on the Great Divide"

Utah Phillips's "Phoebe Snow"

Utah Phillips's "Old Buddy, Goodnight"

Utah Phillips's "I Remember Loving You"

Utah Phillips's "Goin' Away"

Utah Phillips's "Enola Gay"

Utah Phillips's "The Charge on Mother Jones"

Utah Phillips's "All Used Up"

Utah Phillips's "All about Preachers"

Chumbawamba's "The World Turned Upside Down"

Chumbawamba's "Walking into Battle with the Lord"

Chumbawamba's "Tubthumping"

Chumbawamba's "Top of the World"

Chumbawamba's "Song on the Times"

Chumbawamba's "The Smashing of the Van"

Chumbawamba's "Poverty Knock"

Chumbawamba's "The Idris Strike Song"

Chumbawamba's "Homophobia"

Chumbawamba's "Her Majesty"

Chumbawamba's "Hanging on the Old Barbed Wire"

Chumbawamba's "General Ludd's Triumph"

Chumbawamba's "El Fusilado"

Chumbawamba's "The Diggers' Song"

Chumbawamba's "The Day the Nazi Died"

Chumbawamba's "Coal Not Dole"

Chumbawamba's "The Chartist Anthem"

Chumbawamba's "Bella Ciao"

Chumbawamba's "The Bad Squire"

Chumbawamba's "Amnesia"

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