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M. T. (Monty) Montgomery was an education representative of the United Steelworkers in Canada.

"M. T. (Monty) Montgomery, education representative of the United Steelworkers in Canada, wrote 'United Steelworkers Are We' after a weekend labor school on Bell Island, three miles off the coast of Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula. He says: 'Our members on Bell Island work in the Wabana Iron Mine. The 'Islanders' are a great group of singers and we sang for hour after hour each night. Our favorite was 'The Squidjiggin' Ground' by Arthur Scammell, which is popular throughout Newfoundland. We must have sung it a hundred different times. When I returned to Toronto, the tune of 'The Squidjiggin' Ground' was still ringing in my ears, and I wrote this steelworkers' song to it.' In Canada these verses are still sung to the tune of 'The Squidjiggin' Ground,' but because of copyright difficulties they are set here to a traditional Irish tune which is very similar to the Newfoundland song."

—Edith Fowke and Joe Glazer, Songs of Work and Freedom

United Steelworkers Are We


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