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Leon Rosselson (1934 - ) is an English singer/songwriter.

"The crisis affecting Britain is no different from the crisis affecting the rest of the Western world—declining profitability, inflation, high unemployment. The attempted cure is much the same, too: cuts in public spending, the rationalization of production, wage controls, money channeled away from hospitals, schools, welfare, towards private capital…. And this decline and the everyday frustrations it has brought have been accompanied by a drift to the right and a growing chauvinism and racism, made more nasty by vague schoolbook memories of Britain's former 'glory' as a great empire…. At the same time, Law 'n' Order is showing its teeth. Police harassment and surveillance grows…. And yet it would be wrong to suppose that the situation is explosive, that the system is on the verge of falling apart. Those at the bottom, those on the fringes of society, the sick, the old, the poor, the unemployable, are feeling most of the turn of the screw, but they don't carry much political or economic weight…. [Our] songs…are not by and large for singing on the barricades because that's not where we are…. [They] have given heart to audiences wherever we've sung them, in folk clubs and concerts, theatres, political benefits and socialist gatherings. But they are not really about simple-minded slogans and revolutionary rhetoric. On the other hand, they're not greatly concerned either with private fantasies or moody introspection. The situation is too serious for that. What these songs do, I think, is to probe, examine, throw light on the point at which the impersonal world presses on, chafes, tears at, constricts, deadens the personal life. They are songs about people in political situations. They are about trying to be human in the face of an inhuman system."

—Leon Rosselson, Songs of Life from a Dying British Empire

The Ant and the Grasshopper (with Roy Bailey)
The Battle Hymn of the New Socialist Party
The World Turned Upside Down (with Roy Bailey)

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