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John E. Nordquist was an IWW poet.

"John E. Nordquist's work did not appear in Solidarity or other IWW publications until the entire union leadership of 1917 was jailed. By 1919, however, he had established himself as one of the chief Wobbly poets, publishing his lyrics in both New Solidarity and 'The Little Red Song Book.' Since after 1917 the union added relatively few new members and since it would be difficult to ascend to a leadership position so quickly, Nordquist most likely was a card-carrying Wobbly of the rank and file from sometime before the US intervention. The parodic form and cantankerous rhetoric of [his] 'The Unemployed Soldier' certainly show that Nordquist had well internalized the Wobbly style as developed by Joe Hill, Richard Brazier, Ralph H. Chaplin, and the other IWW bards."—Mark W. Van Wienen, Rendezvous with Death: American Poems of the Great War (2002)

The Dream of a Millionaire
November Nineteenth
The Parasites
They'll Soon Ring Out

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