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John Hory was involved in the Knights of Labor.

"After the [US] Civil War workers began to agitate for the eight-hour day. Ira Steward was the moving spirit of the eight-hour movement. He maintained that hours could be reduced without cutting wages, and he used this jingle to publicize his point: 'Whether you work by the piece or work by the day, decreasing the hours increases the pay.' Much of the eight-hour agitation culminated in strikes and demonstrations across the country on May 1, 1886. This was the first time May Day had been celebrated by organized workers.... 'The Eight Hour Day Song' set to the tune of 'The British Grenadiers'...[was sung by] miners and was probably used during their 1897 strike in which the eight-hour day was the issue. It was not until 1938, with the passage of the Wage and Hour Law, that the eight-hour day became firmly established in the United States.'"

—Edith Fowke and Joe Glazer, Songs of Work and Freedom

The Eight-Hour Day


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