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J. E. Sinclair was a school teacher in Arlington, Washington blacklisted for his affiliation with the IWW.

"'Gathers Evidence Against Sinclair' (13 August 1913): Because of activities with the I. W. W. in this city in the early part of 1912, and alleged anarchistic beliefs, citizens of Arlington have undertaken to have the teacher's license of J. E. Sinclair revoked by the board of education. Sinclair has been employed recently by the school board of Arlington to teach in the schools of that city. L. N. Jones of Arlington spent several days in Hoquiam last week gathering evidence and affidavits relative to Sinclair to present to the state board, the purpose of his work being to show that Sinclair is not a fit person to be training children. Sinclair was a teacher in the Hoquiam schools in 1912 when trouble with the I. W. W. came up here. He was actively associated with some of the leaders, and as a result of his activities and statements he is said to have made attacking the flag, he was practically forced out of his place here. Affidavits from city and school district officials, from business men and parents, were gathered by Mr. Jones and will be presented to the state board of education this week, according to his plan while here."—The Aberdeen Daily World

The Worker's Funeral Hymn

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