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Yona Finkelstein

"I've Heard the Workers Sing" (karaoke)

"I've Heard the Workers Sing" (sheet music)

I've heard the workers sing,

And, oh, the joy they bring!

I've heard the chorus ring

Beneath the sun.

What if they're tired and worn?

What if they're clothes are torn?

Another song is born

When day is done.


They sing of fields of grain,

Toiling in sun and rain.

What if the back has pain?

They still can dream

Of grain that will be bread,

Of bodies that are fed,

A roof above the head,

And time to dream.


They sing of roaring steam.

They sing of boss machine.

They sing with bodies lean

And hungry eyes

Of days when toil will end,

Of days when man is friend,

Days when the songs will blend

In joyous cries.


Tomorrow's songs they sing,

And, oh, the joy they bring.

I've heard the voices ring

In ev'ry clime.

I know no songs so sweet.

Within my heart they beat:

The sound of workers' feet

Marching through time.

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