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Samuel Friedman

"I'm Labor" (karaoke)

"I'm Labor" (sheet music)

I dig your ditches; I’m labor.

I man your switches; I’m labor.

I teach your kids and make your shoes;

I sew your pants and write your news.

With brain and brawn, with nerve and threws,

I’m labor. (He’s labor!)

I’m common folk; I’m labor.

I’m always broke; I’m labor.

I run your mails in rain and snow;

I clear the track so the train can go.

But someone else gets all the dough;

I’m labor. (He’s labor!)


I have no say; I’m labor.

I just obey; I’m labor.

I slaved through years of hate and war,

And spilled my blood and my brothers’ gore.

But did I know what the shooting was for?

I’m labor. (He’s labor!)

I’m starved and kicked; I’m labor.

I’m always licked; I’m labor.

When I ply my needle, trowel or pick,

I’m a decent sheeny, wop or mick,

But when I strike, I’m a bolshevik.

I’m labor. (He’s labor!)


I don’t get tired; I’m labor.

Or else I’m fired; I’m labor.

From birth to death my life is spent

In hovel, shack or tenement,

But still some landlord gets the rent.

I’m labor. (He’s labor!)

I’m very humble; I’m labor.

I never grumble; I’m labor.

In summer heat or winter gale,

I pack a load or swing a flail,

But someone else rakes in the kale.

I’m labor. (He’s labor!)


I fight your fires; I’m labor.

I cleanse your mires; I’m labor.

Your towers that top the mountain crest,

Your teeming East, your bounteous West,

I wrought them, I, the dispossessed.

I’m labor. (He’s labor!)

I drill your sewers; I’m labor.

I plow your moors; I’m labor.

On earth, in mine, on sea, and in sky,

I swarm and toil and fight and die,

But capital claims it takes the risks.

I’m labor. (He’s labor!)


At last, I’m waking; I’m labor.

My chains I’m breaking; I’m labor.

Too long I’ve waited for this hour;

No more to wealth and name I’ll cower;

I’ll rise, unite and use my power.

I’m labor. (He’s labor!)

I’m done with hoping; I’m labor.

I’m done with groping; I’m labor.

I’ll put to work the boss and drone;

No more they’ll reap what I have sown;

I’ll come at last into my own.

I’m labor. (He’s labor!)

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