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Hy Zaret (1907-2007) was an American lyricist and composer.

"In 1947, Hy Zaret and Lou Singer wrote their now-famous Little Songs on Big Subjects. Originally commissioned as Public Service 'spot announcements' for radio station WNEW in New York City, the songs were recorded by 'The Jesters' and immediately caught listeners' fancy. The Institute of Democratic Education then made the records available to other radio stations, and within a few months they had played over five hundred stations throughout the country. Since then, these 'Mother Goose Songs of Democracy' have been heard on the air more than a hundred thousand times, have been praised by leading educators across the country, and have won a variety of awards and citations. William Rose Benet commented that 'Little Songs on Big Subjects is the Bill of Rights set to music.' The best of the group, 'It Could Be a Wonderful World,' effectively promotes the idea that all men are brothers."

—Edith Fowke and Joe Glazer Songs of Work and Freedom

It Could Be a Wonderful World


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