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Paul Robeson

"Gloomy Sunday" (karaoke)

"Gloomy Sunday" (sheet music)



Sadly, one Sunday, I waited and waited

With flowers in my arms for the dream I'd created.

I waited 'til dreams, like my heart, were all broken.

The flowers were all dead, and the words were unspoken.

The grief that I knew was beyond all consoling.

The beat of my heart was a bell that was tolling.

Saddest of Sundays!

Then came a Sunday when you came to find me.

They bore me to Church, and I left you behind me.

My eyes could not see one I wanted to love me.

The earth and the flowers are forever above me.

The bell tolled for me, and the wind whispered, "Never."

But you, I have loved, and I bless you forever.

Last of all Sundays!

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