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Bouck White

"Farewell, Competition" (karaoke)

"Farewell, Competition" (sheet music)

Behold Socialism

Glowingly triumphant!

To her gladly give of your life and your love.

Lo, her high mandates

Bring cooperation.

She is the voice of heaven,

The voice of thunders seven,

To weary mortals given

From God above.


Farewell, competition,

Child of hell infernal!

Thy workings the ape and the tiger release.

Offspring of devils

Sent to plague our planet.

Thou sower of contention!

Thou breeder of dissension!

Now hear our firm intention,

Vile foe of peace.


Hail conquering spirit,

Humankind's redemption!

O, haste thee for industry travails in pain.

See unemployment,

Pestilence most deadly!

O, come regeneration,

The workshop's liberation,

Society's salvation,

Freedom's glad reign!

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