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Ernest Charles Jones (1819-1869) was an English Chartist, poet, and novelist.

"[W]e...had one great goal before our eyes—the redemption of the Working classes from their thraldom—and to this object we have made the purpose of each article subservient. Yet, convinced that all which elevates the feelings or heightens the aspirations can but strengthen the political power of a people, we have have placed poetry and romance side by side with politics and history....'The Labourer' is one of the very few magazines which supply [sic] their readers with entirely original matter—and the only one which fully and fearlessly stands forward as the advocate of democracy—and the exponent of popular grievances and popular rights. We have devoted a considerable portion of our space to the Questions of the Land and the Bank, convinced that in these we behold two of the levers destined to remove the dead weight of monopoly from the shoulders of the people; and we now conclude these prefatory remarks, with which we lay the fruit of our labours before the Reader, in the hope that we may be cheered and encouraged in our onward course by the best stimulant to exertion that we can receive: that of beholding democratic spirit and democratic power spreading and prospering among the ranks of the oppressed."

—Feargus O'Connor & Ernest Jones, Esqrs., editors, "Preface,"

The Labourer; A Monthly Magazine of Politics, Literature, Poetry, &c., Vol. 1, 1847 (London)

Song of the Lower Classes

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